Production Eligibility Requirements


  • The production must have a minimum of 6 performances held over a minimum of two weekends. Preview performances may not be counted in the minimum unless judges are admitted to previews for award consideration and press are also admitted to review.
  • Productions must offer a minimum of 2 (two) shows per performance week to voters for evaluation.
  • Productions must be able to be seen in no more than a single 12-hour period in a day (i.e. festival or multi-part events).
  • The production venue must be ADA accessible.
  • Productions which meet the above requirements may be held in more than one venue during the judging year only if the Carbonell panel has advance notice of the full schedule prior to the production’s opening night. The production must remain wholly intact after a transfer including, but not limited to cast, physical production, lighting and sound.


  • The production must be mounted by an Eligible Resident Theater Company and meet the requirements of an eligible production.
  • Productions in which any qualifying paid employee involuntarily turns earnings back  to the theater, or any essential participant is required to financially contribute to the theater to be involved in the performance, will be considered ineligible. Productions may utilize volunteers as long as those volunteers are not engaged to perform a role designated in the script. Volunteers may be engaged to perform non-essential roles not referenced in the licensed script, i.e. a children’s chorus that is added by the creative staff but is not required in the licensed script.
  • Volunteers may be utilized as understudies and/or swings however, the volunteer may not also play another role that is designated in the script when they are not on for the role they are understudying or swinging. They could be in the show regularly as long as it is not in a role required in the script, similar to the children’s chorus example. They need to be paid for the performance if they go on for the role they are understudying or swinging. Volunteers would not be eligible for Carbonell Award consideration unless they permanently replaced someone on or before opening night, please see the rule about replacing an actor under the Acting Categories section.
  • Productions must be licensed or performance rights for a professional production must be obtained from the playwright or authorized agent.
  • Theater/show management must further demonstrate that the eligible production has been materially produced, assembled, or rehearsed on-site in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, and/or Palm Beach counties).
  • Producers of all Carbonell Award-eligible productions are to notify the Carbonell Coordinator no less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to opening night to be included in the judging panel calendar.
  • Producers must complete a questionnaire and return it to the Carbonell Coordinator no less than 30 days prior to opening night. The Producer will define which actors are to be considered lead or supporting and which artists/designers are to be considered for each competitive award category among other relevant production questions which will be used to determine specific award eligibility.


Co-productions presented by regional companies will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Carbonell Award board of directors or its representatives assigned for such a purpose. The evaluation will follow these general guidelines:

  • Eligible companies within the Carbonell Award area (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties) may co-produce with each other.
  • Eligible companies within the Carbonell Award area may co-produce with other regional theaters throughout the state and nation and/or with outside production entities.
  • The production must have local involvement from within the tri-county area  (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties) to be eligible for Carbonell consideration.